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Bruchez Alpine Garden

“the botanist
and the mountain man...”

My company

"The botanist, like the mountain man, lives in his own world, a wondrous world, where he feels very small before nature’s immensity, but this majesty does not humiliate him.”
Aymon Correvon

My business guides you in the creation of your outdoor spaces, gardens and installations. My passion for alpine natural spaces has led me quite naturally to offer my services in creating alpine rockscapes, typical of our alpine regions.


of tailor-made
alpine rockscapes

Decorative, rustic compositions made of rocks, stones and plants amalgamated, which recreate rocky mountain slopes.

of water features
for alpine spaces

The creation of a water feature in the mountains reminds us of the more than idyllic alpine brooks surrounded by typical marsh vegetation.

Providing plants
planting them

Swiss quality plants.
We personally select special conifers and larger species at plant nurseries.

and installing
alpine gardens

Composition of various native plant species which are found in the mountains and bring us back to these various alpine natural spaces.

Removing, trimming
and pruning of plants and trees

Such work is done in Autumn (from October to December), and at the beginning of Spring as well.
Pruning reduces the volume of a tree that has outgrown its space or, alternatively, limits its development.

scarification, sandblasting,
fertilizing and mowing

These are the steps in the upkeep of a well-maintained lawn.
Sandblasting is the process of aerating soil that has become too heavy or compacted.

Protection of
plant species
in winter

Tethering and propping trees in Autumn so as to avoid their snapping or opening up under the weight of the snow.

Jobs done


Laurent Bruchez

Route de Verbier 68, CH - 1934 Le Cotterg (Le Châble)
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